The OTA Committee is made up of 9 Old Tudorians from different year groups.

They are Emma Brown (Dickinson)
Diana Copley (Wingfield)
Charlotte Duncombe
Heather Holden-Brown
Gillian Nester-Smith (Hedges)
Louise Newton (Darby)
Claire Swan (Ainley)
Davina Combe
Rosanna Sewell

The committee meets once a year to discuss new ideas for events and future projects.
The Committee
Harriet Granville
Tel: 01295 756254
Harriet is President of the OTA. She teaches history and having taught at the school for 40 years she knows many of the OTs and is now teaching some of their daughters.
Sandra Blakey
Sandra is Secretary of the OTA. She was the tennis coach and a housemistress at Tudor for 38 years. Now retired, she lives in Norfolk and enjoys having the opportunity to keep in touch with as many OTs as possible.
Emma McGowan
Tel: 01295 756282
Emma works full time (term time) co-ordinating all OT events including our annual OTA Day, London Carol Service, university roadshows, Under 30s London drinks, industry dinners and one off events. She also manages our 2,500 strong database, publishes the OT Times as well other communications material. Emma is a big advocate for OTs returning to school to speak at careers and university fairs and aims to match the girls in work experience with OTs. She loves to be kept up to date with what our fantastic OT community is up to!
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